Service Desk Analyst Training: What They Do & How to Become One

service desk analyst Training

Service Desk Analysts are vital to a well-functioning company or organization. They are responsible for the monitoring IT systems at a basic level and assisting end users with any technical issues they may have, whether those users are internal employees or external customers.

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How to Become a Service Desk Analyst

The role of Service Desk Analyst is often considered an entry-level position. This is great news for anyone who wants to break into the professional IT world but isn’t sure where to start. Most employers hiring a Service Desk Analyst do not require applicants to have a four-year degree, but some formal IT training will ensure you are well-prepped for the job responsibilities and a yard ahead of the competition.  

Tek Ladder, our 100% virtual online IT school, will prepare you for the skills you need to start a career in IT. Our 9-week program teaches you: 

  • Microsoft Windows 
  • Microsoft Office 365 
  • Networking Fundamentals
  • Security training  
  • How to analyze, document, and present a series of proposed network upgrades
  • Plus, we’ll pay for you to take the AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification exam

We also know that your professional presence is just as important your ability to cross things off your list during your 9-5. Service Desk Analysts work closely with end users, so strong verbal skills and an analytical mind will get you far. Tek Ladder teaches you: 

  • Interview Coaching 
  • Job Search Training 
  • Resume Strengthening 
  • Communication Skills 
  • Time Management Skills 
  • Critical Thinking Skills 
  • Problem-Solving Skills 
  • Reliability 

What does a Service Desk Analyst Do?

Service Desk Analysts are vital because they make sure an end user's technology is functioning correctly. They may be responsible for a wide swath of responsibilities, such as ensuring an employee is properly connected to the network or helping a customer with login issues. Typically, they communicate to an end user via phone, email, or chat. A Service Desk Analyst’s typical responsibilities include:

  • Installing, updating, and overseeing computer software
  • Troubleshooting/assisting with a user’s IT issues 
  • Maintaining programs to ensure that systems are running smoothly 
  • Answering customer questions about organization/company/product

Service Desk Analyst Interview Questions

It’s not always just about having the right skills to land the job. You really need to impress a possible future employer by being prepared for your interview. This includes researching the company and knowing what the role’s responsibilities include. If you have a good understanding of what a hiring manager is looking for during the interview, you can tailor your skills and experience to fit the role. Some possible questions a hiring manager may ask for a Service Desk Analyst Role include: 

  • Why do you want the job of Service Desk Analyst? 
  • What kind of experience do you have with Microsoft Windows? 
  • Tell us about a time you had to explain a complicated process to a coworker. How did you communicate the process effectively? 
  • Why do you want to work for our company? 
  • Say you’re dealing with multiple IT tickets coming in at the same time. How do you triage these tickets and stay organized while doing so? 

If you’re not familiar with the professional interview process, it may seem intimidating at first. If you walk in unprepared, the interview will be a bumpy ride. But as long as you have rehearsed your answers and can articulate why you are the best candidate for the position, the interview process will be smooth and painless. Tek Ladder prepares you for your first professional job by offering Job Search Training to ensure you find the right fit and Interview Coaching so you shine during the hiring process. Our experienced Student Advisor staff makes sure you are memorable — in all the best ways.  

Service Desk Analyst Resume Tips

But to book that interview in the first place, your resume needs to sparkle. Even if you have never worked in a professional IT setting, you can highlight certain soft and hard skills to align with the ideal Service Desk Analyst. If you attend Tek Ladder, be sure to call attention to your:  

  • Graduation from IT training school 
  • AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
  • Security training 
  • Network training
  • Microsoft Windows training 
  • Microsoft Office 365 training 
  • Communication Skills 
  • Critical Thinking Skills 
  • Problem-Solving Skills 

Tek Ladder will help you carve out a beautiful resume from what may first look like a pile of nothing. We offer a special Resume Strengthening workshop plus custom edits from our team of Student Advisors. 

Future Service Desk Analyst Career Paths

Most consider the Service Desk Analyst role to be entry level, meaning there is plenty of room to grow within the IT world after gaining some professional experience. If you dedicate some energy to the role and demonstrate your work ethic, technical expertise, and interpersonal skills, you could someday be promoted to: 

  • Service Desk Analyst Lead 
  • Sr. Service Desk Analyst 
  • IT Manager 
  • IT Operations Manager 
  • Cybersecurity Analyst 


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