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How to get out of the restaurant industry

Those with experience in the restaurant industry are the best of the best when it comes to communicating well, being patient, and working in a fast-paced setting. Did you realize these are all common and important traits for roles in the IT world? Restaurant workers have a good set of skills that can easily be transferred into a role in information technology.

The place to find alternative jobs for former bartenders, servers, restaurant managers, and others from the restaurant industry is in IT.

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What Jobs Can Get You Out of Food Industry?

Leaving the restaurant industry behind is much simpler than it sounds. You may be interested in IT careers but have no idea where to start or if you are even qualified. We’re happy to let you know that it can happen and that you’re already on your way to being a good candidate.

For those wondering how their current positions in the restaurant industry can apply to a world as complex as technology, we’re here to reassure you that it does. Restaurant workers have excellent customer service skills which is a must-have in the technology industry. You will not only be helping fellow employees with solving IT problems, but you can also find yourself at the frontlines of customer care. Servers understand the product (menu options, food, substitutions) better than anyone and having the ability to understand something inside and out is critical especially when it comes to IT support. Finally, training is a key component for learning the ropes in a restaurant job. You are either learning something new yourself or training the next person to handle situations on their own. Roles in IT are all about giving someone the tools they need to succeed on their own, just ask any technical support specialist or service desk analyst.

A career in information technology can be in your future.

IT Support Specialist

IT Support Specialists ensures that a company’s systems are functioning properly whether by assisting with any technical issues that come up or maintaining the software and hardware.

Computer Technician

Computer Technicians help take care of the equipment that is used on a company’s network. You may find them installing new devices and software or performing maintenance checks.

Technical Support Technician

Technical Support Specialists support internal and external clients with technical knowledge on hardware and software systems.

Help Desk Technician

Help Desk Technicians can be the first point of contact when trouble arises. They manage the help desk by responding to customer IT problems and directing them to appropriate staff.

Desktop Support Technician

Desktop Support Technicians have a wide range of responsibilities that range from advising staff on IT-related queries to installing, diagnosing, or repairing the system.

Service Desk Analyst

Service Desk Analysts resolve technical problems, evaluate issues, and on the frontlines of user queries.

NOC Technician

NOC Technicians also known as Network Operations Center Technicians oversees many aspects of the network infrastructure to ensure everything is running smoothly.

How to Transition from the Restaurant Industry to the Office

Training is critical for any professional job. It helps you build the skills needed to become efficient in your new role and gives you hands-on opportunities to learn about the field before starting. As someone with experience in the restaurant industry, you understand the importance building a good knowledge base is to success. The good news is, you’ve already done part of the work and come equipped with communication, customer service, and task management skills. Let us supplement the rest. Our program prepares every Tek Ladder student for a lifelong IT career.

Online IT Training Program

2 months is all it takes to step into a new industry. Our curriculum is focused on networking, systems, and security to provide optimal IT network support. This is a strategic path towards certification that takes you from earning your first IT Service Badge to your first day at your dream job.

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