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How to get out of manual labor jobs

If you’ve been working as a manual laborer, you already know the useful traits you bring to the table. These skills you’ve built up over the years will become essential throughout your IT training program and your career change. Manual laborers are hardworking team players who understand the value of good communication, all of which play a daily role in the tech world. You may even have experience with some technology yourself that will give you a jumpstart on the field.

Whether you are looking for alternative careers for carpenters, construction workers, mechanics, or landscape architects, a transition into the IT industry is for you.

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What Are the Best Jobs for Former Manual Laborers?

Manual laborers have more overlap with the technology industry than you would think, making the career change from, say electrician to IT specialist much smoother than expected. IT careers involve focus, teamwork, and dedication- all traits that you are very familiar with.

Construction jobs work on project timelines much like IT does and involve following the process through from the beginning to the end. Mechanics work in fast-paced environments that involve adapting to whatever new problems come through the door, similar to the life of a technical support specialist. Plumbers, equipment operators, welders, and many others all work together to ensure a job is don’t efficiently and correctly, much like how IT technicians and specialists collaborate to work in tandem with one another on projects.

A career in information technology can be in your future.

IT Support Specialist

IT Support Specialists do a little bit of everything from analytical tasks to technical processes to administrative work on any of the new and existing systems in the office space.

Computer Technician

Computer Technicians help maintain equipment in the business setting by managing the organization’s network and equipment.

Technical Support Technician

Technical Support Specialists help install, modify, and repair systems. They also provide end-users with assistance in any problems that show up.

Help Desk Technician

Help Desk Technicians work in-person, on the phone, or remotely to provide tech support to customers. They are involved in a lot of customer interactions.

Desktop Support Technician

Desktop Support Technicians all about supporting and maintaining the organization’s technology to ensure optimal workspace performance. You may find them diagnosing, repairing, or upgrading equipment.

Service Desk Analyst

Service Desk Analysts respond to incoming requests for support. This could be someone that helps any user from those in the office to customers.

NOC Technician

NOC Technicians also known as Network Operations Center Technicians work around the clock to monitor and supervise the system from firewalls and servers to devices and external services.

How to Transition Out of Manual Labor and Into the Office

Training is critical for any professional job. It helps you build the skills needed to become efficient in your new role and gives you hands-on opportunities to learn about the field before starting. Transitioning from manual labor work to the technology field may seem difficult but we’re here each step of the way. Our program prepares every Tek Ladder student for a lifelong IT career. We include everything you need to know so that your first day on the job doesn’t come as a surprise.

Online IT Training Program

2 months is all it takes to step into a new industry. Our curriculum is focused on networking, systems, and security to provide optimal IT network support. This is a strategic path towards certification that takes you from earning your first IT Service Badge to your first day at your dream job.

It only takes two months.

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Train from anywhere.

Our program is completely virtual, so you can learn everything you need from your home.

You get job-skill training.

Train with hands-on activities that mimic what you'd see on the job.

We help get you hired.

We have a 93% completion rate and a vast network of hiring employers.

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