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Our students come from all walks of life, but we see many from common backgrounds. If you align with any of the common career paths below, find out how to transition into an IT career.


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Career Change to Information Technology

Your new IT career starts here. The information technology industry is one of the fastest growing fields in the world. This type of career is always in demand which means there are diverse job opportunities to find your niche in tech. It doesn’t take years of experience to get into this sector. Those that are constantly looking to developing, adapting, and applying new skills are a perfect fit and you’ve already taken the first step by checking out our program.

Alternative Careers for Teachers

Teachers have experience in being adaptable and innovative especially since they are always busy managing a classroom. A career in IT is a career after teaching that is good to pursue.

Careers After Retail Management

Retail managers help run the whole show and ensure each part works together to create a successful outcome. This is how those in the IT world function as well.

How to Get Out of the Restaurant Industry

Those in the restaurant business multitask every shift, the exact type of setting that IT specialists work in. Transfer your skills over from restaurants to technology.

How to Transition from the Gig Economy

Going from self-employed to employee isn’t as difficult especially with our 2-month IT training program to help you out.

How to Get Out of Manual Labor Jobs

Manual labor and technology aren’t as different as you’d think. IT roles value many of the skills and traits that manual laborers bring. Make the switch today with our personalized training program.

How to Get a Career in IT

Tek Ladder is a division of Centriq Training, the largest IT training company I the Midwest. We offer a 2-month program that focuses on the skills you need to start an entry level IT job as soon as you are done. This program is specifically designed for people with little to no experience in tech by subject matter experts and IT industry leaders.

Our program was designed to equip you with in-demand skills needed to grow as a tech professional and partner with over a thousand companies to make sure your talent is being developed to find your spot in the IT industry. The best part is that everything is taught remotely. Have access to all your coursework online and learn from anywhere.


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