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Who the Heck is Tek Ladder?


Tek Ladder’s History


Tek Ladder was created as a division of Centriq Training in 2020. With a staff of over 30 certified technology instructors, Centriq Training is the largest IT training company in the Midwest. A Gold Microsoft (Learning) Partner, Centriq’s Corporate division has trained IT professionals at Midwest companies for over 30 years. Centriq’s IT Career division has trained individuals for new technology careers in Kansas City since 2005 (and in St. Louis since 2017). As the longest continuously running “boot camp” in the country, Centriq has utilized its experience to develop hands-on job skills training for individuals with little or no IT experience to gain entry-level technology jobs. Centriq has trained over 3000 individuals in entry-level IT or coding jobs and Centriq’s Career Services department has helped place grads at over 1250 Midwest companies.

The Transition to Live Virtual Training

Until March 2020, these programs were delivered on premises with instructors in the classroom with the students (although Centriq has utilized Live Virtual Training for certain corporate classes for over five years). In the face of COVID in March 2020, two things happened. Centriq was forced to transition its IT Career programs to Live Virtual Training and the remote workforce phenomenon emerged as companies almost universally transitioned to a “work from home” model.  The “work from home” workforce has driven the increased need for IT support positions everywhere as companies struggle to support the technology required for this new normal. Centriq recognized the opportunity that these two transitions present. Companies increasingly need individuals with remote IT Support skillsets and Centriq has the expertise to train individuals remotely for these positions.

The Tek Ladder Brand

As Centriq’s 100% online IT Career program for individuals outside the Kansas City and St. Louis areas, Centriq believed the IT Support Boot Camp should be branded differently from its traditional on premises programs. It needed a more digitally-friendly name and “look and feel”. And, the Tek Ladder brand was born.  But the Tek Ladder IT Support Boot Camp is designed pursuant to the same principles as Centriq’s other IT Career programs. It is designed solely for the purpose of teaching individuals the specific job skills necessary for an IT Support position – the starting point for a great career in technology and the beginning of your climb up the Tek (career) Ladder. Centriq’s first step was to conduct a “job test analysis” of the position. This was done by analyzing job descriptions and conducting in-depth interviews with companies with IT Support positions. Once the job skills were identified, Centriq designed the curriculum to train individuals on these specific skills. (That’s all we teach. No history. No biology. Just technology.) The curriculum was designed specifically to be taught via Live Virtual Training.

Train from Home, Work from Home

Tek Ladder is the culmination of multiple forces intersecting simultaneously. A perfect storm, if you will. The perfecting of Live Virtual Training platforms, the “Work from Home” revolution and the need to hire train and support remote workers. Tek Ladder is an innovative product designed to help individuals – many of whom were negatively affected either financially of health-wise – take advantage of the new opportunities in the post-COVID environment. The option of training from home not only gives individuals access to training not previously available, but also prepares them to master the tools and skills to “work from home” and  provides insight into the IT Support position by understanding the challenges a remote workforce faces. Tek Ladder is the right solution at the right time.

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