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What is Live, Virtual Training?


When you think of education or training, most people envision an environment – like high schools or traditional college – where the teacher or instructor is live and in-person in the classroom with the students. But many alternatives to this model have developed over the years and are increasing in this post-COVID world. There are many different terms for training that is not conducted with the instructor in the classroom with the student. These include online training, online classes, distance learning, remote classes, virtual training, live training, video training and other similar terms. Each of these terms have different meanings that are often confused. Tek Ladder’s IT Support Boot Camp is conducted online utilizing Live Virtual Training (or Live Remote Training).


  • Live training is training delivered by a live instructor, in real-time.
  • Virtual (or remote) training is when the student receives or accesses training over the internet rather than being physically in the classroom with the instructor.
  • Live Virtual Training is training the student receives or accesses over the internet in a structured format delivered on a set schedule by a live instructor, in real-time.
  • Live Virtual Training is delivered or conducted via technology platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Canvas, Zoom or Adobe Connect.
  • Students can listen to the instructor on a real-time basis.
  • Students can interact with the instructor on a real-time basis.
  • Instructors can view the hands-on “labs” or exercises students perform in class.
  • Students can interact with classmates on a real-time basis.
  • Students can ask questions when they don’t understand a concept.
  • Students can view the whiteboard the instructor uses to illustrate concepts.

Live Virtual Training is the closest thing there is to experiencing actual live, classroom training from your home.


  • Live Virtual Training is not self-paced classes or self-paced learning.
  • Live Virtual Training is not downloading read-only written curriculum.
  • Live Virtual Training is not uploading written papers and tests.
  • Live Virtual Training is not only watching recorded videos.
  • Live Virtual Training is not interrupting your studies for days waiting to have your questions answered via email.
  • Live Virtual Training is not feeling alone while you are attempting to learn a new subject.


Tek Ladder’s IT Support Boot Camp is a two-month, hands-on programs that trains individuals with little or no IT experience for entry-level jobs in IT Support positions. The program hours are 8:30-4:30 Monday-Friday for nine weeks. The Daily Education Schedule generally consists instructor-led lecture/demonstration/discussion sessions, hands-on “labs” where you actually experience the technologies you are learning, Q and A sessions, assessments and quizzes, collaboration exercises and end of day review. This structured, accelerated, hands-on learning program teaches you the job skills you need to get into the IT industry in the shortest amount of time possible. Each week builds on the skills you learned the previous week. And, the virtual learning platform enables you to get to virtually   know your instructors and fellow students (who go through the entire nine weeks with you) much like social media.

Live virtual training is unlike anything you have experienced before. It is absolutely the best way way to learn from as you train to work from home. For more information about our live, virtual training, just fill out the form and one of Admissions Advisors will be happy to talk with you.

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