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From the Instructor’s Desk: Meet Tek Ladder Instructor Caleb George

Meet Caleb George, one of Tek Ladder’s technical instructor and curriculum developers. Caleb has worked in the IT industry for the past seven years, with the last five spent training with little or no experience for their first role in IT. Take a look at why Caleb has stuck with IT, and how he helps people like you land their first job!

What do you like most about working in IT?

To be successful in IT you need to have a variety of technical skills, but the field at its core is about helping people solve problems. I have always had a passion for helping people both professionally and personally, so the transition for me to the IT field was a logical fit (I went through boot camp style technical training myself). After I completed technical training, I worked in Help Desk roles where I worked through service tickets helping people solve problems they were having with their computers and networks. I enjoyed being a part of the solution, tracking down a root cause and implementing the correct procedure to keep machines running smoothly.

As I became more comfortable with the technical aspects of my job, I found that I also liked getting to know the customer behind the ticket. I realized that working on a help desk was as much about helping solve technical issues as it was about developing relationships with the individual and providing top notch customer service.

How did you make the transition to teaching?

The longer I worked in these customer-facing roles, I realized that I wanted to make a longer lasting impression, more than a lifespan of a help desk ticket. That’s when I decided to make the transition to training people how to also fill these roles. Because I did not take the traditional 4-year degree route to get my technology education, I wanted to inspire individuals in the same way. I was drawn to Tek Ladder’s training curriculum because of its focus on targeted training to help people quickly change the trajectory of their entire lives.

Why did you decide to become an instructor with Tek Ladder?

By taking only two months of time, you can change the path of your entire future. I appreciate the education model Tek Ladder portrays because the flexibility it provides allows us to alter our curriculum to keep up with current technologies and trends, unlike a traditional four-year degree program. With this model, we can keep students better prepared for a new IT career and gives students a greater chance at landing a better job after graduation. I have seen people go from minimum wage dead end jobs, or straight out of high schools and in a couple of short months be in a new IT role with the foundational knowledge needed to hit the ground running, and that’s why I stick with Tek Ladder. The model works, and we have the success to show for it.

What advice do you have for someone looking to get their start in IT?

If you are debating over starting over in a new IT career, this is your sign to start now. The demand for well-trained IT professionals is only increasing, and there is no reason to hold yourself back from having a successful career. Do your research and find a training program that meets your career goals (like Tek Ladder’s two-week IT Support Bootcamp) to help set yourself up for success. There is no better time than the present to start changing your life!

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