From the Instructor's Desk: Meet Tek Ladder Instructor Andrew Mackay - Tek Ladder

From the Instructor’s Desk: Meet Tek Ladder Instructor Andrew Mackay

Meet Technical Instructor Andrew Mackay! Andrew always knew he would get into IT because he liked fixing his own cars, mowers, and electronics. Andrew started out in an entry level IT role but moved up quickly through the Help Desk. He’s now ready to help students like you thrive in the IT space. Learn what Andrew thinks sets Tek Ladder apart from other technical training programs and how it helps our students succeed. 


How is Tek Ladder different from other technical training courses? 


As a Tek Ladder instructor, I appreciate that students who complete our program gain the technical skills needed to start a career in information technology alongside the skills to interview and show potential employers what they learned during their time in the Tek Ladder program. This focus on the interview and hiring process is critical for students who, like me, only had experience with informal interviews where there was no expectation to showcase any technical knowledge just as long as I was physically able to lift the required weight. Tek Ladder teaches you how to highlight the technical skills you learn throughout the program so that you will stand out during the interview process. 

What sets Tek Ladder apart from comparable programs or boot camps is the focus on career readiness. We understand that it is not enough to have the technical knowledge to succeed in your career in today’s competitive IT job market. You must also understand how to interview and highlight that knowledge. The Tek Ladder program was built from scratch with that concept in mind, and professional development is integrated throughout the course, not simply thrown in at the end as an afterthought. Because of this, students who complete the Tek Ladder program are prepared for a career in IT both technically and professionally. 


How does Tek Ladder prepare students for the IT workforce? 


The Tek Ladder program was built by IT professionals for IT professionals, focusing on those technical skills. How do we achieve this? Simple, Tek Ladder instructors are graduates of Tek Ladder or related programs ourselves. Our flexible program design allows us to adopt new technology as it emerges in the real world. We also don’t have any requirement to wait until the next semester to change our curriculum. We can update the curriculum as we decide that new technologies need to be included ensuring that our students are getting the most up-to-date information on technology currently being used in the IT field. 

Outside of our flexible curriculum and focus on the hiring process, Tek Ladder ensures that you will get the most out of our program by providing you with many resources outside of class. Our Career Support Advisor will make sure that your resume is ready to go. If you struggle with the daily lessons or tasks, there is a technical coach in every class to make sure everything is working and that you understand the material. We also utilize a chat program called Slack so that you don’t have to rely on formal email to contact your instructor, you can simply drop a question in chat and the instructor or technical coach will be able to help you out. You can also decide to drop your question in a public chat and see if your classmates will be able to help you. This chat program is not only open during class, but 24/7 during the course so that you and your classmates can utilize it for study purposes as well. 

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