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How Can We Fix the IT Skills Gap?

As our economy rebounds from a shaky 2020, we’re seeing job opportunities skyrocket across the country. While this is good news for workers, it’s been difficult for companies seeking and placing qualified talent. Specifically, employers are struggling to find qualified IT talent to join their companies. IT job availability was booming even before the pandemic – and will continue to pick up steam through the end of the decade. But what happens when our modern workplace faces a lack of skilled technical professionals and how do we stop the IT skills gap from widening?


What is the IT Skills Gap?


According to Training Industry, a skills gap is defined as “a gap between the skills an employee has and the skills he or she actually needs to perform a job well.” And right now, our country is facing a lack of knowledgeable IT workers. IT has been called the backbone of business in the 21st century. As more companies realize they can save time and money as well as provide a more streamlined and positive customer experience by ramping up automation efforts, IT jobs will continue to rise.

While the pandemic destroyed certain industries and shuttered businesses, not every everyone felt its crushing wrath. In fact, some industries flourished during the pandemic. In the past year, telehealth, ecommerce, and remote/hybrid working have become more commonplace than ever – demanding a robust IT industry as a result. But how do we reconcile the high demand for IT professionals with the lack of IT talent?


How Can We Fix the IT Skills Gap?


Reskilling workers is the easiest and quickest way to close the IT skills gap. Reskilling is the process of learning new skills to get workers into new jobs. If we fill available IT roles with qualified workers, we can lessen the IT skills gap and ensure a fully functioning economy. Now the question is, how do we reskill workers?

Although the majority of employers do not require a four-year college degree for IT roles, some form of technical, formal training is typically required. Tek Ladder is a 100% virtual IT career training program designed to get you on your way to your first IT job in just two months. Besides teaching the technical basics you need for a job in IT, you will learn soft skills to mold you into a star IT employee. This is the best way to get candidates into IT roles and to close the IT skills gap.


Technical Skill Training


Thinking about starting a job in IT? You’re in the right place. During our 9-week program, Tek Ladder teaches you everything you need to snag your first entry-level IT job. Our teaching approach goes like this: Each week, the Tek Ladder curriculum focuses on a different topic concerning IT and then builds upon that knowledge in the following weeks. By the end of our program, you will be prepped and ready to enter the world of IT.

To prepare you for the skills you need for your first tech job, our technical skill training topics are segmented into IT Service Desk Support, Networking Technologies, CompTIA certification training, and Microsoft Administration. Some of our weekly topics include:

  • Week 2: IT Service Desk Support 1, PC Components and Operating Systems
  • Week 5: Networking Technologies 2, Network Monitoring, Troubleshooting and Security
  • Week 8: Microsoft Administration, Windows Domain and Microsoft 365

Check out our entire Tek Ladder curriculum and daily schedule here.


Soft Skill Training


You’ll have the entry level technical skills in the bag at the end of our program. But what about the actually getting the IT job? For that, you need excellent soft skills, and don’t worry. We’ve got you covered there too.

Soft skills are the personal and professional skills you need to secure a job and succeed in the workplace. Examples of soft skills include:

Our Career Services team is here to help you develop, hone, and demonstrate these skills to potential employers. We also offer personalized, career-focused workshops to ensure you are career-ready when you finish our program, including:

  • Job Search Training
  • Resume Strengthening
  • Interview Coaching

We believe that soft skills + a strong work ethic and willingness to learn are just as important as technical skills to get a job in IT. That’s why we teach both.

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