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5 Entry Level IT Roles Sorely Lacking Talent in 2021

COVID has changed the professional working world forever. In the case of IT, however, that might just be a positive thing. According to IT staffing agency Motion Recruitment, the market lost 180,000 total jobs in December 2020 – but gained 20,000 IT jobs. The reasons are simple: COVID has 1) created the need for an unprecedented and never-ending flow of e-commerce, and 2) forced the rapid transition of in-office roles to work-from-home roles. As a result of these changes, IT role availability has skyrocketed in the past year. But this change comes with significant growing pains for employers; there just isn’t enough IT talent to execute these roles properly.

Here are 5 of the most in-demand entry level IT roles in 2021:


IT Specialist


IT Specialist is one of the most popular entry level positions on Indeed, according to an article from CIO Dive. This position is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of various IT systems, including network management, security, and web administration.

If companies did not understand the value of a strong IT team pre-2020, they do now. Most employees cannot accomplish their tasks without sound security, a strong network connection, and functioning webpages – especially when working from home. And from an end-user perspective, if customers are unable to properly use an e-commerce site, then the company is losing money – literally.


Help Desk Analyst


Help Desk Analyst is another position that has exploded on Indeed in the past year – likely due to an unprecedented influx of e-commerce and telehealth services and, as a result, the need for dedicated roles that solely help end users. According to an article from Digital Commerce360, e-commerce grew 44% in the US in 2020 – the highest annual growth in two decades. As stay-at-home orders and social distancing measures became the new normal, companies had to switch to online commerce to keep up with demand – and quickly. Grocery shopping, clothes shopping, and restocking prescriptions and household supplies needed to be available online on a convenient, simple, and effective e-commerce interface.

Telehealth has also exploded in the past year. Telehealth appointments doubled in March 2020 alone. As hospitals and doctors’ offices wanted to keep as many people out of their buildings as possible, they began offering more telehealth services. As with any new system, people needed instruction and assistance to get their appointments booked and their services working properly. They needed to speak with a professional.

Help Desk Analysts work to support the end-user by answering basic questions and helping them troubleshoot and solve any issues they are dealing with. Companies rushed to implement a better e-commerce experience and needed more Help Desk professionals to be the first point of contact for end users. E-commerce and telehealth services firmly planted themselves into our marketplace in 2020, and in 2021 Help Desk Analysts won’t be going away any time soon.


Technical Support Specialist


Although there is a strong need for Help Desk Analysts, some issues are too technical or complex for that first point-of-contact to solve. That’s where the role of Technical Support Specialist comes into play – and why employers are in desperate need of knowledgeable talent.

While Help Desk Analysts improve the end-user experience and assist customers on a basic level, Technical Support Specialists are valuable because of their more technical knowledge and skill level. If an end-user is experiencing a technical issue that cannot be solved by a Help Desk Analyst, they are then escalated to a Technical Support Specialist. As we mentioned before, e-commerce and telehealth sites boomed in 2020, which required more talent to fill the roles of Help Desk and Technical support professionals. Both work together to help end-users to the best of their abilities, and both are extremely valuable positions.


IT Technician


IT Technician is another entry-level position in high demand on Indeed – and if you consider the amount of people who transitioned to some form of working-from-home in 2020, it’s obvious why.

IT Technicians provide both hardware and software technical support for a company. They ensure that employees’ computer and network systems are set up properly and running smoothly. As employees rely more heavily on computer systems to automate their work as well as continue to work-from-home into 2021, employers will keep looking to IT Technicians for technical support, whether it’s setting up a new employee’s computer station, ensuring the network is running smoothly, or upgrading systems to ensure software is working effectively.


Cybersecurity Engineers


Working from home has allowed many in the workforce to execute their jobs comfortably and safely, away from large groups of people. But with the large amounts of people working-from-home, we’ve also seen increased security threats. Cyber attacks through phishing scams are occurring more frequently and are even more dangerous. Most peoples’ at-home WiFi is not equipped to handle large-scale cyber attacks in the way that office network systems can. Preventative measures are now more important than ever – along with the professionals that can prevent these attacks from happening.

The need for Cybersecurity Engineers will continue to grow in 2021 – this year, there will be more than 3.5 million cybersecurity roles filled globally. As a large amount of our workforce abruptly transitioned to a work from home schedule, companies scrambled to fill network security roles – and are still looking for more talent. Much of the professional workforce will continue to work from home, and this vulnerable workforce will need to be protected by worthy administrators.


How Can I Get Into IT?


COVID has forced us to reevaluate the importance of certain roles in our workforce, especially IT roles. These roles allow us to safely work from home, online shop with ease, schedule telehealth appointments with our doctors, and just might allow us to get back to normal life by helping to curb COVID. While these backend roles may not get the glory from the public, they are definitely getting attention from recruiters and business leaders.

Luckily, there are training programs available for someone with no experience to become an IT professional, no college degree required. The Tek Ladder Online IT Training Program prepares students for a career network and security administration in 2 months. And the best part? The class is entirely virtual, meaning it can be completed from anywhere in the country. This is the perfect time to break into the IT world. IT’s significance grew exponentially in 2020, and we aren’t pulling back the reins on this surge any time soon – or maybe ever. Speak to a Tek Ladder Admissions Advisor today to start your IT career.


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